Issued on: 2017-03-08

A Technological Renovation at Javeriana Estéreo with Albalá Ingenieros

Spanish engineering firm Albalá Ingenieros and their distributor in Colombia ADTEL LATAM S.A.S. have supplied a distribution system for analog and digital audio for Javeriana Estéreo, the radio station of the Javeriana Pontific Univeristy in Cali, Colombia.

Javeriana Estéreo 91.9 was the first university radio station to use the FM band in Colombia. Its mission is to operate as the instructional and cultural outreach for the university and the general community.

The station installed the equipment from Albalá in their master control and broadcasting rooms for the purpose of multiuse signal distribution for various platforms such as streaming, legal copying and broadcasting over the air.

The equipment supplied by Albalá Ingenieros comes from their TL3000 family and includes:

   • The AAD3004C01 module, a low-distortion audio amplifier-distributor designed for use in professional production use. Its four identical, independent channels make it perfect for use with four monophonic or two stereophonic signals.

   • The DAD3002C02 module, a dual balanced digital signal distributor with six outputs per section. The inputs are transformed isolated and feature loop-through capability and the outputs are also transformer isolated. The front panel of the module provides an LED to indicate signal presence for each section.

This infrastructure provides the advantage of modularity, leaving other slots available for any future requirements the station might have, such as AES/EBU digital audio links over fiber optics to connect the studio with the main transmission station.

According to Adtel Latam engineer Andrés Rojas: “Once again Albalá has fulfilled our requirements for audio processing, adjusting to the needs of our customer for maintaining their analog signal streams for the equipment that still needed them while adding digital audio capability”.

“Using the fiber optic platform from Albalá for a soon-to-come second phase”, he added, “the idea is to interconnect the cutting edge transmitter, also supplied in the renovation for the Javeriana University’s radio station, and therefore complete the audio link to the transmitter completely in digital format”.