Issued on: 2017-03-09

Albalá Presents their New ISW3000 Automated Switch

Based on evolution of the market and their continuing commitment to innovation, Albalá Ingenieros has designed, developed and manufactured their new automated switch for DVB-ASI and DVB-over-IP signals with advanced transport stream error detection, model number ISW3000C01, from the TL3000 series family of switches and bridges for Transport Streams.

This new switch, which replaces the previous model, ASW3000C01, combines the advanced analysis capability of that module with the seamless switching capability of the IPA3000C01 module with DVB-over-IP and DVB-ASI input and output interfaces.

The ISW3000C01 is an automated switch designed for management of redundant Transport Stream (TS) signal links that has several advantages over its predecessor: DVB-over-IP interfaces, seamless switching and functionality with DVB-T2. It can be used in telecommunication centers, digital television headers, TS transport nodes and broadcasting centers.

The principal technical characteristics are:

   • Four inputs, two for DVB-ASI and two for DVB-over-IP (UDP and RTP with and without FEC) and two analysis channels.

   • Permits switching between the two Transport Streams that are being analyzed.

   • Provides a DVB Transport Stream output distributed over four BNC connectors (DVB-ASI) and via the Ethernet interface (DVB-over-IP).

   • The user-selectable error detection criteria for the input channels are defined in the First Priority table of the ETSI TR 101 290 V1.2.1 standard along with the presence of a megaframe sync in DVB-T mode or the presence of a superframe sync in DVB-T2 mode.

   • Three operating modes: Automatic, Semiautomatic and Manual.

   • A bypass relay that connects the principal DVB-ASI input to one of the output connects in case of a power supply failure or extraction of the main board of the module.

   • Automatic equalizers for the DVB-ASI inputs.

   • The following indicator LEDs on the front panel:

         - Errors in the Transport Stream inputs, 1 PPS or 10 MHz.

         - Status of the Ethernet interface.

         - Operating mode.

         - Input selected.

         - Seamless switching.

         - Changes in the error status of the input or of the input selected. These two can also be acoustic.

   • The possibility of remote control and supervision via a communications controller installed in the same mounting frame.

   • A UR3000 mounting frame can house up to twelve ISW3000C01 modules. If power supply redundancy is provided using modules FA3000 and FA3001 then the mounting frame can house a maximum of ten modules. If power supply models PSU3300 and PSU3301 are used then up to twelve modules with or without power supply redundancy can be installed.

   • A UR3100 mounting frame can house up to three ISW3000C01 modules.

   • Low power.