DVB-ASI and DVB-IP automatic change-over switch with TS failure detection functions and seamless switching

The IPA2000C01 module is an automated switch for DVB-ASI and DVB-over-IP signals that operates according to the presence of signals at the inputs, reception of a sync stream and the status of the inputs with regards to errors present as per ETSI TR 101 290 V1.2.1 as a first priority, based upon the priority criteria set by the user for each of the inputs.
The unit provides two DVB-ASI inputs/outputs labeled ASI 1 and ASI 2 and two 1 Gbps Ethernet interfaces over which it can receive an additional two DVB-over-IP streams DVB (UDP and RTP with and without FEC) labeled IP RX 1 and IP RX2 as well as transmit two DVB-over-IP streams (IP TX 1 and IP TX 2). Furthermore, if an EOP2000C01 module is installed in the slot immediately to the left of the IPA2000C01 then two auxiliary ASI inputs become available, and if an EOP2000C02 is installed immediately to the right, then two auxiliary ASI outputs become available.
The IPA2000C01 provides two analysis channels that can be assigned to any of its six inputs. At any given time the two signals being analyzed are directed to two different destinations that can be the ASI outputs or the IP outputs.
Depending upon the type of stream being received, the IPA2000C01 module can operate in two different modes. One is for use with any DVB Transport Stream and the other can only be used with DVB-T type Transport Streams. The characteristics of each of these modes are described in the following:
Generic DVB mode:
Allows both seamless and non-seamless operation.
Error detection can activate for any of the parameters indicated in ETSI TR 101 290 V1.2.1 as a First Priority, which are the following:
- TS_sync_loss. Loss of synchronization.
- Sync_byte_error. Sync_byte not equal 0x47.
- PAT_error. Errors that prevent the PAT from being obtained.
- Continuity_count_error. Errors in the packet continuity counter.
- PMT error. Errors that prevent the PMT from being obtained.
- PID_error. Referred PID does not occur for a user specified period.
The 1 PPS reference input via the backplane is not used.
Dedicated DVB-T mode:
Seamless-only operation.
Error detection occurs according to all the parameters indicated in NO DVB-T mode and according to the presence of a megaframe sync (MIP packets).
The 1 PPS reference input is used to measure the delay with which the input signals arrive and to set the delay of the output signal.
The output delay is fixed and is programmed independently from the delay of the input signals since it must be greater than the input signal delay in order for the unit to operate properly.
In order to perform seamless switching of the DVB-T streams coming into the IPA2000C01, the module provides a 13.5 MHz reference input and a 1 PPS reference input that come over the backplane from another module installed in the same mounting frame. This allows the various Transport Streams to be synchronized.
In addition to functioning as an automatic switch, the IPA2000C01 can be used for other functions such as conversion of DVB-ASI transport streams to DVB over IP and vice versa, elimination of jitter in the transport streams being transmitted over IP and the conversion of IP protocols such as elimination or insertion of forward error correction (FEC), conversion from UTP to RTP, etc.
The IPA2000C01 provides three switching modes: selection of the input can be Automatic, Semiautomatic or Manual. Any change in the selection of the input or the status of the inputs is flagged in the control software.