Distributor with 1 input to 4 outputs for TTL or 10 MHz (50 or 75 ohms impedance) reference signal

The TTD2000C01 is a distributor module for analog or digital signals transmitted over coaxial cabling. The module can operate autonomously or in tandem with other modules installed in the same mounting frame.
When operating autonomously, the module acts as a distributor from one input to four outputs. In this case the user can select whether the module operates as a linear amplifier or as a comparator with TTL level output drivers.
When operating as a linear amplifier, the wide bandwidth and high dynamic range make the TTD2000C01 appropriate for distribution of 10 MHz reference signals. When operating as a comparator the module can be used for re-clocking of digital signals such as 1 PPS or Word clock.
When operating in a mounting frame that contains a GPS2000C01, the TTD2000C01 can be used to increase the number of 1 PPS or 10 MHz outputs using the redundant signals that the GPS2000C01 delivers to the bus of the mounting frame. In such cases, each TTD2000C01 installed in the frame provides five outputs that can be: all 1 PPS, all 10 MHz or two of one type and three of the other as desired.
The input impedance and output impedances are configurable as 50 or 75 ohms.