Dual distributor / Changeover with 2 loop-through inputs to 5+5 outputs with TTL digital level and 50 and 75 ohms outputs

The TTD3000C03 is a distributor module for TTL level digital signals transmitted over coaxial cabling. The unit consists of two identical sections, each of which is a distributor with one loop-through input and five outputs each.
In addition to the components used for signal distribution, each section provides a signal presence detector, a frequency measurement circuit and a selector to determine which input will be distributed. These elements make it possible to use the TTD3000C03 as a sole distributor with one loop-through input and ten outputs, or as an automated switch between the two inputs.
The TTD3000C03 provides front panel LEDs that indicate both the input selected for each section and the status of the inputs.
The impedance of the outputs is configurable to either 50 or 75 ohms.