Digital and analog sync and test signal generator with two independent digital outputs and one analog sync output

The HTG3001C01 is a module for generating digital video signals and analog reference signals in formats commonly used in professional television studios.
The HTG3001C01 can generate two 3G/HD/SD-SDI digital video signals and one analog reference signal with different formats and timing. It also includes two reference signal inputs, one analog and one digital, to which it can synchronize. A GPS signal can also be used as the reference if a GPS receiver module is installed in the slot to the left of the HTG3001C01. When operating in this mode, the video signal generated is locked to the GPS frequency pattern. Finally, the HTG3001C01 provides LTC output and a 48 kHz wordclock output synchronized to the video.
The HTG3001C01 provides a configurable soft lock mode that avoids discontinuities in the output video after a brief loss of the reference input.
The HTG3001C01 can also function as a master generator without any external reference signal. When performing in this mode, the HTG3001C01 generates the digital video and analog reference signals based upon an internal oscillator with a frequency stability of ±1 ppm.
The HTG3001C01 can insert timecode information into the video signals being generated based upon the hour set by the UTC clock in the GPS receiver module.
The following digital video and analog reference formats can be generated: 1080p50/59.94, 1080i50/59.94, 720p50/59.94, 625i50 and 525i59.94.
The signal format, timing, video pattern, various types of identifying text and insertion of embedded audio can all be configured in the digital video outputs. For the analog reference output the format, timing and the insertion of VITC can all be configured.