Ethernet / EIA-TIA-232-F / EIA-TIA-485-A advanced communications controller

The TLE3001C02 module is an advanced communications controller for use with the TL3000 family of modules from Albalá Ingenieros. This module allows control of any remotely controllable TL3000 family modules located in the same mounting frame via a serial port or an Ethernet LAN.
Serial port communication can be configured for TIA-EIA-232-F or TIA-EIA-485-A levels.
The TLE3001C02 module includes four general purpose, opto-isolated inputs and four outputs with close contacts to ground whose status can be controlled from a computer.
Two TLE3001C02 modules can be installed in the same mounting frame to provide redundancy.
In addition to acting as the communications bridge between TL3000 family modules located in the same mounting frame or exterior to the mounting frame, the TLE3001C02 can perform the following functions:
Remote control of any TL3000 family modules from Albalá Ingenieros with this feature using an internal SNMP agent.
Functionality as a high precision NTP time server whenever the mounting frame has a GPS receiver module installed.
Supervision of all the modules installed in the mounting frame, recording any status changes produced. In addition, these changes can be reported to a computer using the UDP protocol.